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Business Cards - Now and Then.

One of the most essential tools throughout time for businesses and anybody trying to create a network of people to work with has been a business card.

Throughout time the business card has changed. Back in the days it used to be a standard card stock or thicker paper with black text, and it would have your name, your contact information and maybe the company that you worked for. Nowadays businesses have presence online and there are multiple ways for potential customers and connections to reach you.

Your business card must have your social media, your website, and multiple ways to communicate. WhatsApp or messenger is also popular. This is all information that we now recommend you put on your business card.

QR codes have also become popular. This allows a prospect to scan a code with the mobile phone and it directs them to a website, social media page or anywhere you decide. There are free QR code generators online.

We are living in a fast-paced world. People want to have multiple ways of communicating with you. Keep in mind that people have preferences of communication. Were you have some people that maybe feel comfortable giving you a call, you have other people that don’t want to talk to anybody in person. They want to inquire and ask questions without speaking to anyone. I know! Doesn’t make sense to me either. However, we must accommodate.

What’s other ways of communication can we use? Email? Instagram? Facebook? WhatsApp? There are multiple ways that you can give your customers an avenue to either ask questions start an order or just inquire about services.

Some folks think why should I still have a business card? that’s so outdated. However, a business card, even though most folks will take it and just leave it laying around on a desk or on the counter, maybe even on a nightstand, people will always go back to look for that information that you handed them, or they picked up somewhere random when they do need a service. Now I know you’re thinking why “would I just not Google somebody?” There’s still something personal about a business card. Whether you got the business card handed to you directly or picked it up at a random place, something made you pick up that card or interact with that person that handed you the business card. There’s something psychological there which maybe creates an initial connection compared to just googling something to be able to call and receive services, get pricing, or inquire about anything else.

So, in 2022 a business card is still important. make sure that you create one that calls attention and that has multiple ways of reaching out and communicating with you. Create a card you are proud to hand out.

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